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The Roundup (S03E17)

This week we’ve got slightly extended coverage of the impending Robot Revolution (All Hail Our Robot Overlords), and a couple of bits that really made us stop and think. What we were thinking was “How bonkers are you?” Read on to find out more.  

The Roundup (S03E14)

Lots of things happened in the week before Halloween, but most of the regular news was dominated by the continuing financial crisis and the Greek debt. Worry not! You can always rely on The Geek Show to trawl the interwebs and bring you some of

Harry’s Geek Roundup – The # Effect

I’m gonna put down Phineas & Ferb for just long enough to give you all a run-through of the news and references from our series 03 premier yesterday, complete with citations. The High Court Rules: BT must block Newzbin 2

Harry’s Geek Roundup – Introduction to Fantasy

It’s late, I know. Grethe (My beloved Alienware M11x) is in for repairs. I’m only able to do this at all because I’m borrowing my Dad’s Mac. This is an awkward experience for both me and it. Links to sources and more information hyperlinked to