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Keyframe 129 – Muffin-Topping Into Mainstream

My Hero Academia has been a huge success as a series, but it’s the remarkable success of the Two Heroes movie that has Tucky and Producer Rob thinking about the changing perception of animated feature films in the West. This naturally leads to an interesting

Keyframe 80 – Groundhog Day Fanfiction

Things get a little ranty this week as we try to work out if long-running shounen are still relevant, or if the desire to produce the next One Piece/Dragon Ball/Bleach/Naruto is nothing more than a false hope. Our featured anime are Little Busters! Refrain, Yu-Gi-Oh!:

In This Corner of the World

It’s been a great past year for fans of Anime movies, with ‘Your Name’ taking the world by storm and being followed up by the equally impressive ‘A Silent Voice’ not long after. Thrown into the mix was new installments in the Yu-Gi-Oh, Fairy Tail

History Of Yu-Gi-Oh!

Yu-Gi-Oh! The almost legendary card game that seems to churn out new cards almost infinitely. For many, the Card Game adventures of Yugi Mutou and his friends are enough to send most anime and manga fans into a wave of nostalgia, as the series is

S12E03 – The Hobos of the Universe

This week we head back into space to find a job, get a house, and generally experience what life is like out there. Unfortunately this results in a bit of a nerd-off. Reviews – Yu-Gi-Oh! season 3 and Atelier Escha & Logy Plus (PS Vita).

Competition: Yu-Gi-Oh!

THIS COMPETITION HAS CLOSED. As we announced on our special broadcast on Sunday the 29th of June, to celebrate the success of SunnyCon 3 (Sunderland’s third anime and manga convention), we’re giving all of our U.K. listeners a chance to win something very special –