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The Geek Show - Literary Loitering

Literary Loitering 101 – Everybody Definitely Poobs

The Literary Loitering soap box car speeds its way through the mean streets of cultural anarchy, with Graham, Andrew and Rob riding along on this fun outing. Kicking things off on this week’s tour of cultural anarchy is a CEO’s claim that she had memorised

Keyframe 140 – Let’s Talk About Conventions

One of the highlights of any anime fan’s calendar is the convention, where like-minded people gather together to cosplay, shop, listen to panels, enjoy the atmosphere, and even possibly meet the odd voice actor. They’ve become a staple of anime communities all over the world,

Cinema Eclectica 196 – Bathtime for Udo

Last week Rob and Graham received a mystery phone call asking them to review Hideo Nakata’s “Ring”. They’re not dead yet, and although the news that this is a twentieth anniversary reissue is making them feel incredibly old they still have to find out if

4-Panel Vol. 2, Issue 24 – Alternate Continuities In Comics

After so many reboots, remakes, rehashes, retries and revamps, how can anyone make sense of superhero comic-book continuity, especially where alternate timelines are concerned. Aside from the parallel worlds and changes to history that become part of that particular “universe”, there are also the special

The Geek Show - S16E04 - Shouting At Fake Clouds

S16E04 – Shouting At Fake Clouds

Welcome to the whack-some-nails-in-it-and-it-will-hold-up-just-fine podcast of science and technology (otherwise known as The Geek Show). So what’s been happening in the world? Well, Huawei have decided to take on the U.S. government while researchers find a way to give lab rats and mice “Predator vision”.

Cinema Eclectica 195 – Algebra Lessons with Foxy Brown

It’s the biggest week of the film calendar, so Aidan and Rob fulfill their obligations with a bit of an Oscars chatter before getting to the important matter of being bamboozled by the Film of the Week which, thanks to the Directors Lottery coming up

The Geek Show - Literary Loitering

Literary Loitering 100 – 100 Years Of Very Successful Pimpery

It’s party time for the cultural anarchists as we finally hit 100 episodes! Now that we’re officially fogeys of the podcasting world we cast a weathered gaze over the recent happenings, and offer our usual derisive, sorry, decisive commentary on things like French festival that

Keyframe 139 – Massive Robots Fights Are All You Need

The Hollywood adaptation of Yukito Kishiro’s hit manga Battle Angel Alita (Gunnm), is out in cinemas, and by all reports it’s doing some decent business. Join Tucky and Rob as they discuss the film that James Cameron and Robert Rodriguez have created, the implications of