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Cinema Eclectica 195 – Algebra Lessons with Foxy Brown

It’s the biggest week of the film calendar, so Aidan and Rob fulfill their obligations with a bit of an Oscars chatter before getting to the important matter of being bamboozled by the Film of the Week which, thanks to the Directors Lottery coming up

Cinema Eclectica 194 – Come See The Mastodon Parade!

Eclectica is back with “The Kid Who Would Be King” – the latest film from Joe Cornish, and in a strange turn of events, Graham and Tim’s review features very few references to Adam and Joe. We’re sorry. We’ll try and make up for it

Cinema Eclectica 193 – The John Entwistle of J-Horror

Two beams of refracted “Moonlight”: the Best Picture-winning (eventually) film’s writer Tarell Alvin McRaney has a new film on Netflix, “High Flying Bird”, which Mark takes a look at before Aidan, Tim and Graham check out director Barry Jenkins’s new work “If Beale Street Could

Cinema Eclectica 191 – Deep Purple’s Oscar Beef

Burnt-out, scrappy-haired and squinting through an agonising hangover – but that’s enough about Graham and Aidan as they’ve got to discuss Nicole Kidman’s transformative turn in Karyn Kusama’s grittier-than-thou cop thriller “Destroyer”. Does it pack the same tooth-loosening impact as the butt of Kidman’s gun?

Cinema Eclectica 190 – Silent Power, Noisy Door

He’s been to Director’s Jail, served his Director’s Probation, and is now worryingly close to being a repeat offender (according to Mick, Graham and Aidan that is). It’s M. Night Shyamalan, whose trilogy-capper “Glass” is put under the magnifying lens as our Film of the

Cinema Eclectica 189 – New Queen, Who Dis?

Eclectica is back in 2019 for an Oscar season like no other. There’s a film about a famous author and one about a British monarch, but this time the more literary of the two sees Keira Knightley putting the bi in biopic for our film