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The Woman In The Window: “A great Noir that puts one foot wrong”

The Woman in the Window doesn’t break away from the conventions of film noir storytelling. Lang features a protagonist who is a well-established and cultured member of society rather than a mobster with a vengeance. Edward G. Robinson stars as Richard Wanley, a psychology professor who enjoys his job and loves his family. Needing a break from work, Wanley sends his wife and children off on a vacation so he can wind down. Suddenly, when walking down a street, an oil portrait of a beautiful femme fatale catches Richard’s eye in a storefront window. Coincidentally, Wanley bumps into the portrait’s subject, Alice Reed (Joan Bennett). They hit it off well, Reed invites Wanley back for some drinks at her apartment which he gladly accepts. What follows next is a classic case of Wanley being in the wrong place at the wrong time: an ex-lover of Reed’s storms into the apartment and strangles Richard out of rage. In self-defence, Wanley repeatedly stabs the lover and he forces himself to cover up the murder. How long can he hide away from this incident until the cops find out about his actions?

The Big Clock: “Rocket & Charles Laughton powered noir”

A good extra can take your appreciation of a movie to a whole new level. On Arrow Academy’s newly issued [the] Big Clock, Simon Callow has done just that with his video appreciation of Charles Laughton’s performance as the despotic magazine magnate, Janoth. Callow goes

Breaking the Limits: “punkish Polish biopic”

Those paying attention to the British box office top ten will have noticed something unexpected creeping in over the last few years, a hardy microflora springing up in between the usual mix of franchises by Disney and franchises by studios bought out by Disney. For