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Don’t Look Now: “Ghosts of the future and of the past”

“VENICE IN PERIL” read the signs nestled in the background of quite a few of Nicolas Roeg and Anthony B. Richmond’s stunning deep focus images throughout Don’t Look Now. They’re the calling cards of a very real, and still active, British charity bent on restoring

The Legacy: “A Dated Horror Heirloom for the Late ’70s”

Released to Blu-ray by the excellent Indicator label this week, The Legacy is a 1978 British-American horror mystery starring real-life couple Katherine Ross, Sam Elliott and The Who’s frontman Roger Daltrey. Ross and Elliott star as Maggie Walsh and Pete Danner, lured from their home

Double Face “A Crime Drama in Giallo Clothing”

I haven’t come across any Gialli films that have bored or frustrated me. Whether it is The Red Queen Kills Seven Times or Blood and Black Lace, they have strong qualities that make each film absorbing. Whether that’s eye-popping colour cinematography, a strong mixture of

Classic Film Kid: The Shining (1980)

CONTAINS SPOILERS Hi everyone, it’s the Classic Film Kid here with another review, and today, we are stepping back into true classic territory as we are looking at Stanley Kubrick’s thriller/horror The Shining, “adapted” from the book of the same name by Stephen King. Taking