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For seasoned horror and gore aficionados Baskin popped up as if from nowhere, wetting many people’s appetites as a brutal gore-fest, something that could satisfy an itch with more substance than other crass films that have emerged on the festival circuit. A Directorial Turkish debut

Nina Forever

After gaining a massive amount of praise at The British Independent Film Awards and Frightfest, it’s easy to see why Nina Forever – the directorial debut from The Blaine Brothers – distinctly carves out its identity through considered execution and challenging conventions.

The Wolfpack

During a customary stroll around New York City, Avid Film maker and Director Crystal Moselle gazed at a group of identical, slick, long-haired boys, swerving through the crowded streets. Her inquisitive nature led to her approaching individuals found to be brothers with a passion of

The Voices

Ryan Reynolds divides opinion just as much he defies expectation. Every time the A-lister gets lost in the mire of leading man-hood, one of his outings as a risk-taker won’t be too far off. He may have cultivated harsh critics over the past five years,


When visual effects finally caught up with the gory imaginings of horror fans and movie makers alike, technical advances in animatronics, and more practical SFX in liquid and foam latex meant that the human frame could be distorted to an entirely new dimension. Ridley Scott’s