Angel Heart: Dark Intrigue and Sinister Seduction

It’s a lonely place for someone like me over on Letterboxd just now. Whilst the bulk of the community celebrate the Halloween season with the Hooptober Horror Film Challenge I, never much of a joiner-inner, continue to watch whatever takes my fancy. It’s not that

Comic Books As TV Shows – 4-Panel Vol. 2, Issue 52

TV adaptations of comics are all the rage these days, and since our resident comics sage (Andrew), has gone to do Roman things (that may or may not include conquering Europe), we decided to investigate the plethora of live-action superhero shows. From the Adventures of

The Geek Show - Mutazione

Mutazione – Swamp Opera? Consider us Fans!

Mutazione is a new indie game from developer Die Gute Fabrik and publisher Akupara Games, both of whom have described “Swamp Opera”. How cool is that? Very, that’s how. Players will take on the role of Kai as she arrives in the mysterious community of