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Cinema Eclectica 99 – The Pinnacle of Mount Woody

We’ve never been accused of being political, but this week we had no choice in the matter. Join us as we talk movie presidents and Pablo Larrain’s American debut “Jackie”, followed by a big old chat about Woody Allen featuring “Zelig”, “Stardust Memories”, and a

Cinema Eclectica Episode 97 – A Very Special Star Wars Christmas

Christmas is a-coming, and here we are with our annual special episode! We take this opportunity to look a selection of films set around the 25th December (or thereabouts), but with a slightly skewed take on the festive season including “Blast of Silence”, “Krampus”, “Three

Cinema Eclectica 95 – BIFAs, Barbies and Brexit

This week marks the beginning of yet another awards season. When will they ever end? Aside from the shiny things we also look at Steve Martin’s “Roxanne”, the skateboarding documentary “Lords of Dogtown”, Tom Hanks’ latest attempt at being a real boy in “Sully”, and

Cinema Eclectica Episode 94 – Opening a Can of Kevin Smith

We have our second ever photonegative show featuring lots of new releases from all over the world. The choice cuts are Kiyoshi Kurosawa’s “Creepy”, Botswanan drama “A United Kingdom”, Robert Zemeckis’ “Allied” and hysteria-laden Korean horror “The Wailing”. Staying with South Korea, Kim Jee-Woon is

Cinema Eclectica 93 – High Voltage: Carlos Danger

The weather was as bad as Carlos Danger this week so we apologise for the inconsistent audio. The Director’s Lottery returns for another innings, but before that we take a look at the hilarious political documentary “Weiner” and the early John Carpenter classic “Assault on

Cinema Eclectica 92 – Understanding Forest Whitaker

We have a new voice on the show this week. Off The Shelf includes “Voice without a Shadow”, a Michael Madsen (not that one), double-bill of “Into Eternity: A Film for the Future” and “The Visit: An Alien Encounter”, “Twilight’s Last Gleaming” and the surreal

Cinema Eclectica 91 – Smackhead School Reunion

All hail our new Lizard Overlord! On this week’s episode we have a rather eventful Trailerwatch and Question of the Week, and Off The Shelf includes “Two Women” starring Sophia Loren, Werner Herzog’s volcanic documentary “Into the Inferno”, and European depress-’em-up “Aloys”. This week’s Feature

Cinema Eclectica 90 – A Big Bag of Halloween Camp

It’s our Halloween special! We do away with the conventions again to bring you something a little different, so we present to you “Screams Around the World”, and we escalate things with each film so come along as we look at Häxan and Frontier(s) before