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Cinema Eclectica 188 – Christmas Special 2018

The fire is lit, the mulled wine has been dished out and the word of the week is ‘picaresque’. It’s an Eclectica Christmas party alright, with Aidan, Sarah, Rob and Graham falling hard for Boots Riley’s debut “Sorry to Bother You”. Granted that’s not very

Cinema Eclectica 187 – An Elvira Approved Podcast

We don’t often get a British film that we can all sink our teeth into here on Cinema Eclectica, so when one finally does appear we tend to subject it to a bit of … erm … mauling. Oh dear. The target of all this

Cinema Eclectica 186 – Justified Wrongness On The Internet

We’ve got everything from Jules Verne to Ava DuVernay this week, and Tim, Rob and Graham kick off an unusually packed show with a look at the Selma director’s early film “Middle of Nowhere”. After that it’s Off the Shelf, which is a veritable treasure

Cinema Eclectica 185 – The Crumbs of Grimsby

It was a dark and stormy night, which explains why we all stayed indoors to watch “The Ballad of Buster Scruggs” rather than going out to see the latest addition to the Potter-verse or whatever it’s called. Mark’s handling that one, so Rob and Graham

Cinema Eclectica 184 – Examining Neil Young’s Nostrils

A New Duo Emerges! Join Aidan and Sarah as they discuss the latest film from the critically adored Steve McQueen, and what they find is that “Widows” is strangest of all beasts – an accessible film (well, accessible for Steve McQueen anyway as that guy

Cinema Eclectica 183 – Dummy Massacre!

It’s a podcast that has been forty years in the making – which makes it even stranger that we ended up recording it on Bonfire Night! This week the Eclectica gang get together for a chat about the latet Orson Welles’s extremely late-period film “The