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Cinema Eclectica 214 – The Last Of The English Tawdries

This week Graham and Tim check out Jim Jarmusch as he pioneers un-deadpan comedy with The Dead Don’t Die. Are the jokes as dusty as Jarmusch’s strangely goreless zombies? Off the Shelf sees Graham covering Border – the Mubi release which combines the two poles

Cinema Eclectica 210 – Jules & Jim Up A Mountain

At 210 episodes old we can ask for all the things in the world, but that doesn’t mean we’re going to get anything for this “obvious” landmark. Besides, Rob and Aidan have a job to do. This week it’s another of our regular Directors Lottery

Cinema Eclectica 209 – Damn You 5 for £25!

The uncontainable power of our sister show 4-Panel rises up and consumes us again as Mick and Andrew join Aidan to discuss “X-Men: Dark Phoenix”. It’s the last in a franchise that’s lasted as long as two MCUs, but what’s the endgame like? Of course,

Cinema Eclectica 208 – Fritz Lang’s Mannequin

The show is turned upside down again this week, with three big new releases in the second half and an archive gem in the first – Sergio Martino’s Poe-meets-giallo cult classic “Your Vice is a Locked Room and Only I Have the Key”, the title

Cinema Eclectica 206 – Assiety of Sassassins

It’s time for “John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum” or Wick in a Box or whatever it’s called, and before Aidan and Graham adjudicate the ultra-violence like a glove-carrying Asia Kate Dillon, we’ve got a Question of the Week where we ask for your favourite

Cinema Eclectica 205 – The Beast of Estonian Craggy Island

Three misfits alone in the dark empty vastness of a cinema showing a Claire Denis movie, Aidan, Sarah and Graham gather to review the French maverick’s latest epic voyage, “High Life”. We realise it may sound tempting, but do not allow Juliette Binoche to show

Cinema Eclectica 204 – The ADR Doggies Bite Back

Liberated from Hull, Graham settles in with Rob for a preview of perhaps the strangest sports movie ever made – Gabriel Abrantes and Daniel Schmidt’s “Diamantino”, with its gene-tampering weirdness, lesbian drone pilots and floof bois. It’s not the last dog cameo on the show,

Cinema Eclectica 203 – What Fresh Hull Is This!?

Graham’s stuck in the quantum realm, so it falls to Rob and Mick to travel way back in time through the many years they spent watching all of the movies leading up to “Avengers: Endgame”. It’s already made more money than there is in the

Cinema Eclectica 202 – Surprise Johnson Insertion

This week Mick and Graham go to “Hellboy” and back (which is pretty easy given that the cinema is just a short walk away), to report on Neil Marshall’s euphemistically-described troubled production. Is it as bad as the internet’s made out, or do they want