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Cinema Eclectica 31 – Q*bert’s Sex Noises

Ahoy-hoy World, we return. Off the Shelf saw us with the ménage à trois that is Adam Sandler’s Pixels, Sion Sono’s manic epic Love Exposure, and the catastrophic ‘making of’ Lost Soul: The Doomed Journey of Richard Stanley’s Island of Dr. Moreau. Our Film of

Bit Panel 22 – Five Nights of Crowdfunding

Games have more routes to market than ever before, but are things like Kickstarter becoming little more than an extension of preorder culture? Is Steam’s Greenlight too exploitable? What works best for the consumer and the developer? We may never know, but if anyone is

Keyframe 20 – We Could Be Idols Too

This week we discuss the possibility of an emoji animated movie from Sony, the trailer for Disney’s “The Good Dinosaur”, Dena’s purchase of My Anime List and more. Our featured anime is Love Live! School Idol Project. For more reviews and discussions, tune into The

4-Panel 23 – Animoos and Mangos

We kick things off this week with news about Marvel’s “resurrection” of Hercules and The Black Knight – both of whom are getting their own series., Batman teaming up with Deadshot, the start of the UK’s Manga Jiman competition and more. Our featured comics and

2 Sweet Wrestling 18 – Until We Lucha Again

There’s a longer show than usual this week as we celebrate a very unusual occurence in wrestling – the end of a season. Join Rob, Jay and P-Rob the errant guest producer as they discuss the last week of Lucha Underground and their predictions of

S11E05 – Cyberpunkish

What is cyberpunk? Is it an aesthetic, a storytelling genre, or is it a combination of both? Join us as we take a trip into this strange and often dystopian branch of science fiction. Reviews – J-Stars Victory VS+ (PS Vita) This week’s news once

4-Panel 22 – Green Lanterns Should Be 5 Years-Old

On this week’s show we discuss the new superhero comedy move Electra Woman and Dyna Girl, the Wynonna Earp TV series, the possibility of an X-Men/Fantastic Four crossover movie and more. Our featured comics and manga are Spiderman and the X-Men, X-Statix, Hail Hydra, Suicide

Bit Panel 21 – Jump Around

The mascot platformer has been notably absent from the gaming market for years. Gone are the days of Crash, Ristar, Zool and so many more, but just because the stars of our childhood aren’t around does it mean the genre is dead? These days Lego

2 Sweet Wrestling 17 – Los Lucha Magnificos Bonanza!

The 2 sweet boys (Rob & Jay), take another swan-dive into the latest happenings from the world of wrestling. On this week’s episode they take a look at WWE Raw and NXT and quickly  skim over Ring of Honor before giving the best show in

Cinema Eclectica 30 – A Spot of Lovely Sleaze

This week there’s nothing to see here. Nothing at all. In Off the Shelf we have a trifecta of messed up movies and work our way down the ladder of sleaze from the relativity presentable Aguirre, Wrath of God to Borowczyk’s Immoral Tales – with