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Cinema Eclectica 30 – A Spot of Lovely Sleaze

This week there’s nothing to see here. Nothing at all. In Off the Shelf we have a trifecta of messed up movies and work our way down the ladder of sleaze from the relativity presentable Aguirre, Wrath of God to Borowczyk’s Immoral Tales – with

S11E04 – Dead Genres

What happens when a genre declines in popularity? Does it disappear, or do fragments of it appear in other story types? Come to think of it, are there any genres that are  generally considered useless or defunct? These are the questions that keep us awake

Keyframe 19 – Some Summer Impressions

So we’re a few weeks into the Summer anime season and we thought it was the perfect time to discuss a few of the new shows that we’ve decided to watch. We’ve also got some news and announcements from San Diego Comic-Con, and our featured

Cinema Eclectica 29 – Underground, Overground, Xenomorphs Free

  We destroy more childhood favourites this week – you have been warned. Our packed “Off the Shelf” section features the 2009 cult horror The Loved Ones, the Iranian new-wave classic The Apple, and Anand Patwardhan’s gripping nuclear documentary War & Peace. After that we

2 Sweet Wrestling 15 – Wrestling Gods Fail At Maths

The 2 Sweet boys return with another irreverant meander through the world of professional wrestling including WWE RAW, NXT, Ring of Honor and Lucha Underground. This week there’s more insight into Bray Wyatt and Bullseye, and the guys discuss their most liberating 2 Sweet Rankings

4-Panel 21 – Would Anyone Like Seconds?

This week we discuss the news, trailers and announcments from San Diego Comic-Con – which leads to a heated debate about Joker psychology before we take a look at the all-new, all-different titles coming from Marvel after Secret Wars. Our featured comics and manga this

Bit Panel 20 – I’ll Take You All On!

Playing against other people has become an integral part of many video games, but what makes the multiplayer aspect enjoyable, why are so many developers determined to include it in some form, and is it really necessary to have it in order to have fun?

S11E03 – Creating Worlds

Every story has to happen somewhere, but that place doesn’t really have any fixed dimensions so it can often be quite a small space – life an office or a car. Welcome to the narrative universe where we find out more about worldbuilding. Reviews –