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Cinema Eclectica 17 – Not Chick Flick Eclectica

This week’s episode features one of the most anticipated releases of the last few years – which means heated and very divisive opinions are on the cards (there would be no point otherwise). With a full cast of unsupportive characters Off the Shelf enjoys Nikkatsu

2 Sweet Wrestling 06 – Marty McMoth

On this week’s episode we establish an hierarchy of wrestling butts, and something we ate we made us feel ill (don’t accept weird food from strange women – we’re looking at you Dana Brook). Rob and Jay come at you thick and fast with the

S10E16 – To The Death

On this week’s episode we dive into the world of death games, so join us as we discuss dystopian futures, stress relief and more. Reviews – Halo: Nightfall Tune into The Geek Show LIVE every Monday from 6 to 8 pm (GMT) using the Mixlr

4-Panel 12 – Ducks, Squirrels and Galactus. Oh My!

We’ve got a pile of comics this week – and quite a few titles that we’ve not read before (but now adore), including Lumberjanes, Ghosted, Giant Days, Judge Dredd Classics, Deathstroke, Edward Scissorhands, Howard the Duck, Lazarus, The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl, and Manifest Destiny. Special

Bit Panel 11 – Fun in Your Pocket

On this episode we’re following up last week’s show about handheld gaming with a look at the current mobile market. The  advent of of smartphones has irrevocably changed the video games industry – so much so that even publishers like Sega and Nintendo are now

Cinema Eclectica 16 – Loomets Geneiswys

We have all the pronunciations this week – including the good, the bad and the remarkably ugly. It’s your fault you terrible movie-naming people. In our “Off the Shelf” section we take a look at The Offence from Masters of Cinema, Some Beasts – the

2 Sweet Wrestling 05 – Falling with Style

We felt goosebumps for the first time in a while this week as we have a moment of excitement that reminded us all why we watch wrestling. Join Jay, Rob and P-Rob as they get into the week’s action from NXT, Raw, Ring of Honor

Keyframe 11 – My Zombie Girlfriend Keeps Moaning At Me

We’ve got a packed show this week so join us as we discuss the Frozen lawsuit, the animated Peabody award winners, DC Superhero Girls and more. Our featured anime is the rather strange romantic comedy horror Sankarea. For more reviews and discussion, tune into The

4-Panel 11 – Cockroach-Man Plushies are Weird

As always we’ve got lots of lovely comics and manga to go through on this week’s show including Transformers, Max Ride: First Flight, Ant-Man, Edward Scissorhands, Yamada-Kun and the Seven Witches volume 1, One-Hit Wonder and Terra Formars volumes 1, 2 and 3 Special thanks

S10E15 – Modern Legends

On this week’s episode we take a look at some of the things that could become legendary in the future. Join us as we dive into a world of movie quotes, videogame and anime characters, special moves and more. Reviews – Titan Souls (PC), Mortal