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4-Panel 16 – Even Secret Wars Have Secret Wars

We get back to the eccentricities this week with Ultimate End – Battleworld (Marvel’s Secret Wars), Deadpool’s Secret Secret Wars, Avengers World, Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency, Django/Zorro, The Last Days of Loki: Agent of Asgard, Alex & Ada Volume 1 and Daredevil. Now we’re

Keyframe 15 – Water Isn’t Really Blue You Know

On this week’s episode we find out about Disney’s upcoming releases, Pakistan’s first animated superhero movie, Aardman’s new prehistoric “football” film, animation badges for scouts and more. Our featured anime is Nadia: The Secret of Blue Water. For more reviews and discussion, tune into The

S10E19 – After The End

This week we suffer the after effects Mad Max: Fury Road (go see it if you haven’t already), so join us as we find out what life might be like after the world ends. Tune into The Geek Show LIVE every Monday from 6 to

Keyframe 14 – Everything’s Upside Down

Things get a bit topsy-turvy this week as Ben gets political with My Little Pony, Harry Shearer – the voice of Montgomery Burns and other characters – plans to leave The Simpsons, a proof-of-concept trailer from South Africa’s Blue Forest collective called Kariba looks awesome,

4-Panel 15 – Jupiter’s Science Project

We’ve got some very weird comics to get through this week, so join us as we dive into Marvel’s Secret Wars, The Last Days of Magneto, two issues of Jupiter’s Circle, three issues of Black Science, and the cosmic high that is Bucky Barnes: The

2 Sweet Wrestling 08 – Lock up your Brothers

It’s another Dario Cueto week, but when isn’t it a Dario Cueto week? On this week’s show Jay and Rob take another irreverent (and somewhat irrelevant), stroll through the world of professional wrestling. After being thoroughly disappointed with the Ring of Honour universe last week

Bit Panel 14 – Gotta Go Fast

No matter how fast you can get through a game you can be guaranteed there’s someone out there who is quicker – but what happens when you go so fast that you effectively break the game? On this week’s speedy episode we’re taking a look

S10E18 – All-Purpose Filler

Warning: This episode is not canon and may contain spoilers. This week we visit the strange world of fillers, sidequests and all of the other types of padding that are used to fill up all of that annoying empty space that appears when people run