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2 Sweet Wrestling 14 – Blackjacks and Massages

Producer Rob made the mistake of introducing the 2 Sweet boys to Kinnikuman – a wrestling-themed anime also known as Ultimate Muscle, and now there’s an ongoing debate about whether it should be included as part of the show. This week’s highlights include the latest

2 Sweet Wrestling 13 – Bad Gas with Boobs

After a week off for Glastonbury (and a slight delay for some other stuff), 2 sweet wrestling returns with its usual anarchic look over the week’s wrestling happenings in WWE Raw, NXT, Ring of Honor and Lucha Underground. As usual there’s some bits that had

S11E02 – Teaching and Learning

On this week’s episode we try to find out more about how things are taught and learned, and who actually bothers following tutorials anyway? Reviews – Disgaea Triple Play (3, 4 & D2 – PS3), LEGO: Jurassic World (PS4), Ronin (PC). This week’s news had

4-Panel 20 – Capwolf Rides Again!

The legendary boxes of old comics finally make their appearance, causing Andrew to immediately construct the building of his dreams – a fort made of comics – and in the process he unearths some interesting stuff. This week the gang discuss Wonder Woman’s new costume,

Bit Panel 19 – Rivals

On this week’s episode Dave does news, craig does Craig things and Ben gives us the lowdown on our featured game – the indie rogue-like RPG Rogue Legacy. We also rise up to the challenge of our rivals and finally the end of that particularly

S11E01 – SunnyCon 2015 Special

We finally hit our 11th series, and what better way to kick things off than with a special for one of our favourite conventions – SunnyCon. This year saw no small amount of trials, tribulations, cancellations, and the ever-present forces of nature, but even amongst

Cinema Eclectica 26 – Sexy Funny Games with Sad Keanu

This week we’re neck-deep in a crazy heatwave – which makes for a much looser show because of all the melting brains. Our featured movies in our “Off The Shelf” section are Samuel Fuller’s Forty Guns, Frank Borzage’s lost film-noir Moonrise and Eli Roth’s latest

S10E24 – E3 2015 Special

The Electronic Entertainment Expo – or E3 as it’s more widely known – is the biggest week in the video games calendar for a number of reasons, but 2015 will be particularly remembered as the year of “how the hell did they major news like

4-Panel 19 – We Need More Matlock!

Awful puns and bad impressions of Ringo Starr abound this week as we kick off with news about  Jeff Loeb’s long-awaited Captain America: White series, the casting of Baron Mordo in the Doctor Strange movie, Archie’s upcoming reboot, One Piece breaking more world records and