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S10E12 – Heists and Plans

It’s all about heists and plans this week, so while you watch the dancing Ben we’re going to steal your attention. You can listen to us on the go by downloading the MixCloud app (which is free), for Android and iOS. This week’s news has

2 Sweet Wrestling 02 – SheamoMania

2 Sweet Wrestling returns for what’s probably their important episode ever. Okay, so it’s only episode 2 – but it is a big one! Join Jay, Rob and guest producer Rob as they navigate their way through the spectacle that was Wresltemania 31 – complete

Cinema Eclectica 13 – And BOOM Goes the Herzog

On this week’s episode there’s some verbal fisticuffs for trailer of the week, and we discuss Kevin Smith’s Tusk, Himizu, The Killers, Like Water for Chocolate and the irreplaceable Werner Herzog’s Invincible in Off the Shelf. For our film of the week, we opted for

Bit Panel 06 – Virtually Reality

Virtual reality has been around for a long time, but the potential of the Oculus Rift has made many companies sit up and take notice of it once again. Join us as we take a look at the future of VR, and the hope that

Keyframe 08 – Trapped in a Video Game

On this week’s episode we find out more about the reboots of the Astroboy TV series and The Smurfs movie, Pixar’s release of their Renderman software, the anime adaptation of the Drifters manga, and 3D billboards. Our featured anime this week are Kill la Kill

2 Sweet Wrestling 01 – Dalton Castle Appreciation Hour

Welcome to the very first episode of The Geek Show’s dedicated wrestling program – 2 Sweet Wrestling. Named after The Young Bucks – arguably the best tag team in the business – join Rob, Jay, and anyone else they decided to allow into this sacred

Cinema Eclectica 12 – Say No to Young Guns

This week we go rogue once again, featuring not one but two trailers of the week (how crazy are we!). We have all sorts of news on the show, but our main point of contemplation is the possible brave new beginning for The Avengers. In

4-Panel 08 – Canada Needs Superheroes Too

This week we dive into the latest Deadpool, Sidekick, Sonic Boom, Constantine, Ant-Man, Justice League United, and All New X-Men. Our featured graphic novel is John Mueller’s classic dystopian tale about slavery, oppression, indoctrination, rebellion, revenge, and pig-men – but this time it’s newly repainted, re-edited and

S10E11 – Rose-tinted Glasses

We get nostalgic this week as we look at the world through rose-tinted glasses. Join us as we take a look at good and bad nostalgia, video games that rely on nostalgia, Golden and Silver Age comics, and old versus new animation. Reviews – Final

Bit Panel 05 – The HD Remake of the Remake

In this week’s high definition episode we take a look at the current trend of HD remakes in video games. Is it really necessary to update an old game so it can work better with current technology, or shoudl these titles be left to the