S09E16 – Unalive and Undead

On this week’s episode we take a walk with a few resurrected creatures, and somewhere along the way we made a remarkable discovery – the opposite of “undead” isn’t “alive” or “dead”, but actually a state called “unalive” (basically any creature that doesn’t fulfil the

S09E15 – The Source

Apologies for the long delay with the shows. There’s some big changes taking place behind the scenes, but we’ll be up to speed soon. In the meantime we’re catching up with the last few shows – beginning with our look at the origins of some

The Promised Land

The latest addition to the Second Run Roster was voted ‘Best Film in the history of Polish cinema’ in monthly magazine FILM. Andrzej Wajda’s The Promised Land, based on the 1898 novel by Władysław Reymont, takes place at the peak of the industrial revolution and

The Day the Earth Caught Fire

Given the recent unseasonably warm spell and the continuing discourse on global Warming, Val Guest’s 1961 sci-fi drama The Day the Earth caught fire – fresh from the BFI archive – takes on an eerily prescient quality. First Guest and Wolf Mankowitz’s London suffers an

Blacula – The Complete Collection

Blaxploitation habitually made itself a wide open target for parody and mockery, take the newly released Blacula directed by William Crain, it sounds like a joke rather than something conceived from a creative mind. Even the trailer made at the time of release called Blacula,

Youth of the Beast

As beloved as it may be, Yojimbo wasn’t held in the highest of esteem yet it did champion universality in its storytelling that saw it remade and reinterpreted the world over, such where Akira Kurosawa’s talents. Whether that’s with Sergio Leone’s A Fistful of Dollars

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The Geek Show S04E04 – Muzak

Joining us in the studio this week are NTC Promotions, a local firm that organise gigs for some of the best musical talents in the area. We also try to work out why musical cinema suddenly left the mainstream, and ask why music is rarely