S08E01 – Best of 2013

So 2013 has ended, and as is our tradition we celebrate the start of a new year by using the first show of the new series to look back on what was hot, what was not, and whatnot from the previous year. Join us for our

Il Bidone

Fellini is esteemed at the top of the tree of classic film directors – a place paralleled by very few – but for the UK market he hasn’t been served anywhere near as well as his fellow masters of cinema. There have been bits and

S07E22 – Christmas 2013 Special

Christmas is a time when people are more prone to wearing strange clothes and hats, decorating their homes with colourful and/or sparkly objects, eating exotic foods that they won’t see again for another year, and generally partaking in a manic, collective happiness as they whizz

14 Movies for 2014

Last day of 2013 in review, this time the focus is one those titles in 2014 that are whetting our appetite. Before the meat of this article, it’s only fair to highlight the gap between the USA December release schedule and the UK’s is incredibly

S07E21 – In 2014

There seem to be a lot of things to get excited about in 2014, so before we look back on the previous year we thought it would be a good idea to investigate the potentials in the world of tomorrow. Also in this episode we

Top 10 Movies of 2013

Our 2013 in Review posts started yesterday looking at the worst films of the year. Today we are moving onto something a bit more positive in the very best 2013 had to offer. There’ll only be a top 10 this year, because when you do

Worst Films of 2013

There can be no good without bad, no darkness without light, and no best of list without a worst of list. This year, instead of picking 10 films and charting them in some sort of league of evil, I’ll be picking 5 titles and the

S07E20 – Gangsters

Organized crime has been the foundation of numerous tales in a variety of media, but as popular as certain games and movies are, the whole idea of gangsters appears to be in decline. Join us as we find out why Grand Theft Auto is so

S07E19 – Utopias & Dystopias

When it comes to visions of the future humans are almost morbidly pessimistic and in everything from videogames to classic science fiction novels we have this strange fascination with dystopian societies. So why do we prefer bleak futures to optimistic or happy ones, and what makes