S05E20 – Bah! Humbug!

With Christmas looming on the horizon we’ve decided to kick off our month of seasonal shows with a look at the side of the holiday that we all know and complain about. Join us as we try to find out where all the perfume adverts

S05E19 – Thought Bubble 2012

Thought Bubble! (or T-Bubbs, as Matt Dyson loves to call it), a convention that’s been on our list since Dr Geof Banyard recommended it over a year ago. Trusting the Teaforce, we sent Harry along to Royal Armouries Museum (BEST. FREE. MUSEUM. EVER.) to check

S05E18 – Augment Your Reality?

On this episode we explore the world of Augmented Reality and try to work out how it would work with entertainment media. Join us as we ask if AR commercials would convince you to watch a movie or buy a product, would people play an

The Flat-Assassin Giveaway!

This week’s prize giveaway is a bundle of beauties – perfect for decorating your walls with, plus some cool wearable trinkets! You could win: – An Assassin’s Creed 3 art print, #664 of 1000, signed by Lead Games Designer Steven Masters – An art print

S05E17 – The Neural Network

It’s well known that the brain is the organ that controls the body, but what would happen if it could control other things? On this episode we investigate the film-based neural technology that are most likely to appear in real life, try to work out

Meandering Mic: Tweet RPG

As a sortof-totally-unquestionable segway of our episode on Augmented Reality, we had an interview with Sam Richards, creator, writer and maintainer of Tweet RPG: Twitter’s premier Role Playing system. A year and a half into the project, Sam has created a multitude of scenarios and

Meandering Mic: Desert Bus 6

Kathleen De Vere and Graham Stark of LoadingReadyRun were kind enough to take some time out again this year to give us our 3rd Annual Desert Bus Interview. Regular viewers will remember in 2010 we talked to a tired Kathleen before her alotted sleeping time.

Borderlands 2 Giveaway!

As said in our October Expo coverage – the generous folks at 2K Entertainment and Gearbox Software given us a gorgeous basket of Borderlands 2 goodies to share with you fine listeners. We’ve got Top Trumps, Shirts, CL4P-TK toys, the Art & Design book and

Shining Hearts – Shiawase no Pan

“Quod Subigo Farinam” – Terry Pratchett (Feet of Clay, 1996) Once upon a time Sega were a powerhouse of the videogames world, but these days they appear to have lost much of their former glory – mainly because their most visible releases are little more