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Vampir Cuadecuc

Some time in the early 2000s, a Peruvian government spokesman was forced to testily deny online rumours that some of the country’s cabinet were vampires. “A government cannot go around sucking the blood of its people”, the spokesman claimed, inviting the obvious rejoinder; which government

Certain Women

It’s always an interesting statement of values when a prestige home video label decides to release a recent film. Everyone agrees on Kurosawa, Lang and Welles, but which modern director would you put in their company? In America, the Criterion Collection has got behind Wes

The Saga of Anatahan

In a recent self-titled documentary Brian De Palma stated that film-makers produce their best works between the age of 30 and 50, between that and the industry forever pursuing new and interesting voices, it makes ‘the final movie’ an incredibly interesting topic of discussion. Legendary

LFF 2016: Creepy

Kiyoshi Kurosawa is no stranger to 2016, already his previous film, Journey to the Shore, saw release on Masters of Cinema and that charming albeit misunderstood film took a fascinating posture on saying goodbye to the dearly departed. His second film of the year debuted

Our Little Sister

Hirokazu Koreeda emerged on British shores in 2013 with the dual release of I Wish and Like Father Like Son, before that he was known only to those adventurous few who delved deep into World Cinema. His work has inherited the humility of Ozu and

Cinema Eclectica 66 – The Biscuits for Movies Initiative

Everything can be justified if you’re rewarded with biscuits. Off The Shelf features the new (and classic), Takashi Miike film “Yakuza Apocalypse”, Akira Kurosawa’s Japanese Shakesperean epic “Ran”, and “Innocence of Memories” – an essay film from Grant Gee. We also have a minority report

WIN Akira Kurosawa’s RAN on Blu-Ray

It’s time for the next competition! This week we’re giving away StudioCanal released 4K restoration of Akira Kurosawa’s RAN. Released as part of the 400th Anniversary of William Shakespeare Death, Japanese directing legend re adapts King Lear to the era of feuding states Japan. In

Akira Kurosawa’s Ran

Shakespeare’s stories, character and language might be what reel us in, but it’s the mysteries that can engender an obsession. From Sigmund Freud, who famously pored over a psychiatric diagnosis of Prince Hamlet, to John Sutherland and Cedric Watts, who published an entire book (Henry

Kurosawa’s Ran (4K Restoration)

Based on Shakespeare’s King Lear, RAN is considered one of the greatest war films of all time and is the final solo masterpiece from legendary Japanese filmmaker Akira Kurosawa. The 30th anniversary 4K release also coincides with the 400th anniversary celebrations of William Shakespeare. AKIRA