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4-Panel 147 – The Creeper in my Sock Drawer

This week on our friendly neighbourhood comics and manga podcast, Andrew and Producer Rob are joined by the other Rob (yes, we know it’s going to get rather confusing). It’s a rather sombre opening this week as the gang remember the work of the legendary

4-Panel 80 – Predator: America’s Favourite Teen

The strangest thing this week isn’t Coolio as The Scarecrow in a Batman movie or X-Men Gold being “light and fun”, or even the trailer for the Teen Titans animated movie. Our featured comics and manga are The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl #16, Archie Versus Predator,

4-Panel 56 – Free Comic Book Day 2016 (Part 2)

After making it half way out from under the big pile of comics we had to take a short breather before we started round two of our FBCD Special. Our featured comics and manga Overstreet’s Comic Book Marketplace featuring The Spirit, Serenity, the Attack on