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4-Panel 126 – Doctor Doom’s Splendid Fairy Cakes

Once the door to shenanigans has been opened, there’s no closing it … which can only mean that it’s time for another instalment of everyone’s favourite comic-book and manga podcast! It’s been an interesting week, and first up for discussion is the rare occurence of

4-Panel 120 – Meaty Slabs of Beef

Mick has gone to more exotic climes so Rob takes the third seat alongside Andrew and Producer Rob for another comics and manga podcast extravaganza. In other news, Marvel are thinking of doing their own story-based podcast, we get our first look at the live-action

4-Panel 52 – Gyrating Dr. Strange

So the Doctor Strange trailer came out. Cue the internet furore. In other news, Ben Affleck will direct and star in his own Batman film, Brian Michael Bendis announces a new Jessica Jones series and Japanese readers pick Shonen Jump’s “most erotic manga”. Our featured