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New World

Crime movies are a captivating microcosm, there are vast differences to be found depending on where in the world a specific title was made. When you go further afield than American and British there are big differences too be found. Hong Kong Crime Movies saw

Doberman Cop

Once upon a time, it was instantly apparent when a film was based on a comic or graphic novel as those films concerned themselves with the super-powered and the otherworldly, then around the mid-1990s there was a paradigm shift and the nature of these titles

The Geek Show - On The Box

On The Box 76 – Superheroes of Eurovision

Our nerves are shaken and our brains are rattled with fake news, Runaways, Inhumans, sexy remakes of religious dramas, musicals, training camps and Great Balls of Fire – the new WWE pay-per-view. This week we’ve been watching Line of Duty, Lethal Weapon and Don’t Ask

The Geek Show - On The Box

On The Box 59 – 1990s Civil Rights Comedy

TV land is always a strange place to visit, and this week’s souvenirs include “accidental” racism in Fireman Sam and a sitcom based on the lyrics of Biggie Smalls. This week we’ve been watching Robot Wars, Billions, and The Living & The Dead. Tune in

The Clan

Following his stint in the Spanish-language anthology film, 7 Days in Havana which was undertaken by several filmmakers and actors from golden boy, Benicio del Toro to Emir Kusturica. Pablo Trapero returns to the director’s chair with a kaboom in The Clan, Argentina’s entry for

‘Star Wars Bandits’ Caught

In news from the US, two men were arrested for robbing pharmacies while wearing Kylo Ren masks. Stephan Edward Corrick and Dana Lee Shipley held up the pharmacies at gunpoint and made off with $2000 cash in March and April this year. The men now face federal charges of

The Killers (1964)

The second adaptation of an Ernest Hemingway short, the Killers is the order of the day and the latest release from Arrow’s Academy label. The first adaptation was the feature acting début of Burt Lancaster and is regarded as a film noir classic; this 1964