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The Geek Show - S16E01 - Furby II The Owlening

S16E01 – Furby II: The Owlening

If you thought Furbies were creepy, then wait till you meet the Ulo Owls as we kick off a new year, a new series of The Geek Show, and at some point during 2019 our 9th birthday (crazy isn’t it?), with a look at some

The Geek Show - S15E29 - The Terror That Flaps In The Night

S15E29 – The Terror That Flaps In The Night

The strange alleys and weird streets of science and technology news need strong men to patrol them, but since they all have the day off it’s time for Andrew and Producer Rob to surreptitiously skulk around. Skulk is such a good word, isn’t it? Anyway,

Keyframe 88 – Popeye Vs. Hulk Hogan

From the artisan breads of Yakitate!! Japan to the spicy dishes of Addicted to Curry, this week we sate our hunger with some mouthwatering anime (and a few manga), about food. Our featured cartoons and anime are Popeye The Sailor Man collection 1 and Food

Neophobia Vs. Food Wars

Neophobia is something that has, or should I say had afflicted me for a good fifteen years of my life. It was rarely brought up outside of my own home, however, it had prevented me from wanting to go out as much as I would

The Geek Show - On The Box

On The Box 61 – Nuns and Buns

It’s all change in TV land with Bake-Off moving to Channel 4, rumours about the new host for Top Gear, and a new host for The Apprentice: You’re Fired. We also run through some the best innuendos from The Great British Bake-Off. This week we’ve