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The Geek Show - S15E32 - Damn You, Phone Ghosts

S15E32 – Damn You, Phone Ghosts!

It’s the final episode of 2018 and The Geek Show is going for a well-deserved break from all of the weird science, technology and “other” news that we’ve found this year. Before we head off though, Rob and Producer Rob have the small matter of

Journey to the Shore

Horror has many go to Monsters; one will have its turn in the limelight before passing it on to the next evolving a little along the way. The subtleties of titles like the Uninvited or the Haunting have subsided only to be replaced by the

Haunted Doll LIVE

Probably the world’s creepiest live-stream is running now! We’ve all seen the horror movie where the porcelain doll comes to life, and truth be told, I am one of those who suffer from Pediophobia (the fear of dolls). So when a US TV channel decides to run