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There’s a loathable and inescapable truth in discussing the legacy of the horror franchise. Those titles with a tangible look, whether it’s the pallid white mask of Halloween’s Michael Myers, the grotesque abominations of Hellraiser’s Cenobites or the red and black sweater/bladed glove combo of


For seasoned horror and gore aficionados Baskin popped up as if from nowhere, wetting many people’s appetites as a brutal gore-fest, something that could satisfy an itch with more substance than other crass films that have emerged on the festival circuit. A Directorial Turkish debut

Cinema Eclectica 45 – Gasper No Way!

This week we catch up with the latest episode of Hollywood’s constant efforts to outdo itself in the crap stakes. As ever, Off the Shelf is a mixed bag with our continuing eaxmination of Arrow’s recent box set with “Hellbound: Hellraiser 2” and Second Run’s

Cinema Eclectica 44 – Hell Comes To Brooklyn

This week we realise that not all advertising is evil – some of it is quite hilarious. Off the Shelf is an almighty round of opposites with Rob and Akira Kurosawa’s “Rashomon”, Ryan with the 1980’s horror classic “Hellraiser”, Aidan with “A Letter to Three