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The Geek Show - S14E02 - Gangs of the Hundred Acre Wood

S14E02 – Gangs of the Hundred Acre Woods

Join us as we head into the weirder sections of science and technology once again. In this week’s slightly mad trip we discover the dark underbelly of squirrel society, Japanese toilets, and the questionable side of modern food consumption … and sexy Steve Buscemi. Go

S11E18 – Where Have All The Vikings Gone?

Throughout the entertainment industries there are certain periods of history that reign supreme – World War 1 and 2, the Victorian era, Ancient Rome and Greece, Medieval Europe/Japan/China, the Dark Ages, etc. But those only cover a small portion of human history so the suggestion

S11E17 – Rebels Without A Clue

It’s Bonfire Night, and so we remember the 5th of November with a show about rebellion – but since we’re a pretty aimless bunch we’re not really sure what we’re actually fighting for, or even who the enemy is. This may just end up with

S11E14 – Imbibe With Me

This week we get a little tipsy as we dive into the world of alcohol and other helpful potions that make the world a better, and sometimes worse place. Join us for an episode of drinking, and we may treat you to fighting and wenching

S11E03 – Creating Worlds

Every story has to happen somewhere, but that place doesn’t really have any fixed dimensions so it can often be quite a small space – life an office or a car. Welcome to the narrative universe where we find out more about worldbuilding. Reviews –

S10E22 – He’s Shorter In Real Life

On this week’s episode we investigate events and characters from history, legend, folklore and myth,. Join us as we find out why stories and people are often exaggerated (sometimes wildly so), and why old stories are generally larger than life. Reviews – Farming Simulator 15

S10E10 – On The Road

This week we’re taking a metaphorical road trip because apparently it’s the best way to see what’s out there, find yourself, and generally grow as a person – which is odd since those things can also be achieved by standing still. Join us as we

S09E03 – Reviews ‘n’ Stuff

This week we decided to take a break from our usual proceedings and bring you some concentrated reviews and a few other bits that we found interesting. Reviews – Pulp: A Film About Life, Death and Supermarkets, Entwined (PS4), The Wolf Among Us Episode 5

S08E21 – We Are The Knights Who Say …

On this week’s episode we go back to a time when women swooned because their bodices were too tight and men swooned from the weight of all the armour. Join us as we get medieval. Reviews – Highschool Dxd, Goat Simulator and Mugen Souls Z This week’s news

S08E12 – Samurai Vs. Ninja

On this week’s episode we decided to head to the land of the rising sun, so join us as we continue our month of combat with a healthy dose of samurais and ninjas. Reviews – The Stuff, Hakuoki: Memories of the Shinsengumi (3DS), The Witch