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The Geek Show - S14E03 - The Golden Godzilla Dilemma

S14E03 – The Golden Godzilla Dilemma

Sneaking into the background of this week’s show we have podcast’s first baby (that might not be right but we’re going to run with it anyway). We also discuss slippers, terrible fish habits, stupid science and glorious golden icons that we’ll never be able to

The Geek Show - S14E02 - Gangs of the Hundred Acre Wood

S14E02 – Gangs of the Hundred Acre Woods

Join us as we head into the weirder sections of science and technology once again. In this week’s slightly mad trip we discover the dark underbelly of squirrel society, Japanese toilets, and the questionable side of modern food consumption … and sexy Steve Buscemi. Go

The Geek Show - S12E12 - Brave New Internet

S12E12 – Brave New Internet

It’s been a long time since we last looked at Internet Creators and given how quick things develop, there’s no time like the present. During this latest visit we discuss the endemic things polluting YouTube, the VHS era and the digital age of Music. Reviews:

S12E01 – Room 101 2015 Edition

We’re back for 2016 and instead of looking back at the light and positive moments of the previous 12 months, we rant and rave about the very worst 2015 had to offer alongside our special guest presenter Michael “Tucky” Tuckwell from Sunnycon. With cats, spoilers,

S11E15 – Old Tricks, New Dog

It’s spooky-time at Geek Show Towers as we put the new forms of horror on our dissecting table to find out how the genre has not only stayed relevant, but continues to challenge perceptions using its old bag of tricks. Reviews – Broken Sword: The

S11E14 – Imbibe With Me

This week we get a little tipsy as we dive into the world of alcohol and other helpful potions that make the world a better, and sometimes worse place. Join us for an episode of drinking, and we may treat you to fighting and wenching

S11E07 – Multiversity or Bust

This week we fire ourselves through various holes in space to find out what’s on the other side. Join us as we slide to the left, and maybe to the right as well, before shuffling back to the studio to tell the everyone that we

S11E06 – It Shouldn’t Be Funny, But It Is

This week we’re investigating black comedy – which contrary to a certain list on IMDB is not humour featuring ethnic minorities. We’re also trying something a little different … Reviews – Deception IV: The Nightmare Princess (PS4) This week’s news does not find that funny

S11E03 – Creating Worlds

Every story has to happen somewhere, but that place doesn’t really have any fixed dimensions so it can often be quite a small space – life an office or a car. Welcome to the narrative universe where we find out more about worldbuilding. Reviews –

S10E18 – All-Purpose Filler

Warning: This episode is not canon and may contain spoilers. This week we visit the strange world of fillers, sidequests and all of the other types of padding that are used to fill up all of that annoying empty space that appears when people run