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Once Upon a Time in China Trilogy

The 1990s was a tumultuous time for Hong Kong Martial Arts cinema. Its favourite son, Jackie Chan, was too big to fail and as such he was doing whatever he wanted on Golden Harvest’s payroll, Sammo Hung was closer to a director than the action

Iron Monkey

If DVDs wore out like VHS did, my old Hong Kong Legends Iron Monkey DVD would’ve been degraded to the degree that it’d probably play more like a bootleg than a legitimate release. Everyone has movies like that, movies where you know you want to

Wolf Warrior II

How American cinema has changed since the 1980s, I’ll use the action film as the conduit to make this point. Back then we had ridiculously over the top, jingoistic, star vehicles centred around a handful of names. Now, those films are shot and financed exclusively

Call of Heroes

Hong Kong Legends was a beacon for fans of martial arts cinema, even though they focused on Golden Harvest and overlooked the Shaw Brothers, their early DVD exploits provided ample chance for us fans to see films that we wouldn’t have otherwise. With their unfortunate

Who is the New King of Martial Arts Cinema?

It’s a daunting question, isn’t it? With so many big names to choose from (that are already well established in the industry), there is no way to say who would undoubtedly be King. Perhaps, though, there is no King. Since the time of Bruce Lee,

Farewell my Concubine

In the West, Chinese or Peking Opera is known more for graduates Yuen Biao, Jackie Chan, Corey Yuen and Sammo Hung than any cultural footprint despite dating back to the 18th century. This makes the BFI release of Chen Kaige’s epic Farewell my Concubine one