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4-Panel 146 – Captain Harlock’s Synth Pop Album

After a week off it’s time for the phoenix-like return of Andrew and Producer Rob as 4-Panel rides again! So, after a collective and half-hearted “Yeehaa” our the dastardly dashing dynamic duo dissect Kevin Feige’s news dump during the Ant-Man press tour before they find

The Geek Show - On The Box

On The Box 74 – Death By Corgi

Television might hit the fan as the Writer’s Guild of America announce a possible strike. Aside from that Ed Sheeran gets a cameo on Game of Thrones, Saturday Night Live do some adverts, and Big Brother gets a reboot? This week we’ve been watching All

The Last Kingdom

First of all, a quick word of caution that the below will contain some plot spoilers. So please, only continue if you have seen The Last Kingdom or are happy to have some of the surprise taken out of a few key moments!   On