The Geek Show - Neo Cab - Emotionally Driven Cyberpunk Storytelling site

Neo Cab – Emotionally Driven Cyberpunk Storytelling

Hold on to humanity in a world overcome by automation. Lina is the last human driver-for-hire working on the streets of Los Ojos, having moved there to reconnect with her estanged best friend. When her friend and only lifeline has goes missing, Lina must earn

The Geek Show - Devil's Hunt - Infernally Formulaic

Devil’s Hunt – Infernally Formulaic

Developed by newcomers Layopi Games and based on the novel “Equilibrium” by Pawel Lesniak, Devil’s Hunt is a third-person action adventure where players will take on the role of Desmond – the arrogant son of a rich entrepreneur. After seemingly losing everything – including his

The Duran Duran of Horror – Cinema Eclectica 229

Return to the Overlook Hotel (oh, go on! It’s got nice carpets!), with Mike Flanagan’s “Doctor Sleep”, which this week falls under the unforgiving Kubrick stares of Sarah and Rob. Prepare to find out the Cagney & Lacey/Stephen King connection you never knew existed! Off

Classic Film Kid: La Cabina (1972)

Hello everyone, the Classic Film Kid here with another review that is likely bewildering you at the moment. This stemmed from having lunch at home and stumbling across a short film that had been uploaded onto YouTube entitled La Cabina (it’s Spanish) from 1972. I

The Geek Show - Conglomerate 451 - Slow-Paced Cyberpunk Dungeon Crawling

Conglomerate 451 – Slow-Paced Cyberpunk Dungeon Crawling

As the CEO of a Special Agency, you have been instructed by the Senate of Conglomerate city to restore the order in sector 451, where the forces of corrupt corporations have established their own little kingdoms. Using DNA manipulation, high-end weapons and cybernetic enhancements, your