Electra, My Love

Be it Slovak, Hungarian or countries in South East Asia, their cinematic output requires a degree of cultural and historical context, with the addition of the former Czechoslovakia these marginalised nations make up the DNA of Second Run’s remit. Nuances naturally occur but the consistencies

The Geek Show - On The Box

On The Box 56 – Super Victor To The Rescue

While Disney unveil a new Latina princess and Fox decide to release superhero TV series Legion worldwide, strange things are going on with UEFA’s official mascot for Euro 2016. This week we’ve been watching The UK’s Best Part-Time Band, Would I Lie To You and


Carmen Jones

Your reviewer can sometimes be guilty of dancing around the less quantifiable aspects of enjoying a movie, so let’s talk about star presence. As soon as she appears on screen in Otto Preminger’s 1950 musical – reissued for the first time on Blu-Ray by the


The Secret of Santa Vittoria

Two years after he dropped the critically lauded Sidney Poitier picture, Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner? Stanley Kramer flew over to Italy to begin what-would-be his next big feature, an adaptation of Robert Crichton’s first novel, The Secret of Santa Vittoria. Kramer, the acclaimed director

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Literary Loitering 47 – Anglo-Saxon Trolling

UNESCO have finally listed the Exeter Book as a principal cultural artefact. In other news, researchers prove that Batman is the most ill-equipped superhero, and William S. Burroughs reading The Naked Lunch will be released as an experimental punk album. Our featured book is the

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4-Panel Episode 57 – Big Green Johnny Bravo

With the announcement that Michael B. Jordan will star in the Black Panther movie and a casting call for Wolverine 3, we also discover that Marvel are developing animated TV shows for Ant-Man and Rocket Racoon & Groot. Our featured comics are Dead Vengeance, Devil’s



The midnight movie is an icon of cinema folklore that is synonymous with the American cult film. Australian cinema and the idiosyncrasies of ‘Ozploitation’ are rife with the specifics of what it takes to be a fabled midnight movie. Before going any further perhaps a


The Early Murnau Boxset: Tartuffe

In Jean-Pierre Melville’s debut film The Silence of the Sea, Howard Vernon’s tragically naive Nazi lieutenant tries to curry favour with the French family he’s staying with by praising their culture.  He says his Fatherland has but one emblematic literary genius, Goethe, but France is