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On The Box 49 – Everything Needs More Oil

Strange things are afoot in TV Land so we grab our pipes and don our deerstalkers to investigate the weird shows at Cannes, Adam Carolla’s carpentry skills and the return of Murray Walker to F1. This week we’ve been watching The Return of The Flying



Even as far back as 1948 the one take film was an aspiration with Hitchcock’s minor classic Rope. An endeavour similar to Alejandro G. Iñárritu’s Birdman or Gustavo Hernández’s The Silent House, both he and Hitchcock used the practice of clean plates, filming areas or

The Geek Show - Press X to Role Play

#2 – Press X and Role Play

It’s time for another episode of our very occasional video games podcast! With a full table we discuss “Final Fantasy XV” demos and the franchise at large, “Dark Souls III” and the evolution of From Software’s popular franchise, the HD remastering of “The Witch &


Journey to the Shore

Horror has many go to Monsters; one will have its turn in the limelight before passing it on to the next evolving a little along the way. The subtleties of titles like the Uninvited or the Haunting have subsided only to be replaced by the


Cinema Eclectica 66 – The Biscuits for Movies Initiative

Everything can be justified if you’re rewarded with biscuits. Off The Shelf features the new (and classic), Takashi Miike film “Yakuza Apocalypse”, Akira Kurosawa’s Japanese Shakesperean epic “Ran”, and “Innocence of Memories” – an essay film from Grant Gee. We also have a minority report


Beat Girl

At the start of Ben Wilson’s 2007 history book Decency and Disorder, there are excerpts from letters written by French citizens who visited Britain and were horrified by the rudeness, salaciousness and drunkenness of life over here.  That was in the early nineteenth century.  One strict