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At The Geek Show Podcast Network, we teach people how to talk and express themselves using content creation. We believe that anyone can be a geek about anything so whether it’s video games, gardening, cars, hats, or whatever it is you’re passionate about then contact us if you’re interested in talking or writing about it.

Over the last 6 years, we have found that people who are engaged in the “traditional” geek community often struggle with social anxieties, and can find it difficult to communicate and express both ideas and themselves. Regardless of age, if this is left unchecked it could become a barrier to their future employment prospects and their personal development.

We have found that effective communication can be achieved through the very simple method of offering people a platform to talk or write about what they enjoy most. We have a variety of methods that people can engage with to discuss their passions. They can write reviews for our website or join us one of our many shows – with more on the horizon. There are also opportunities to edit, produce, interview and critique, and our volunteers may even be given the chance to travel to the country and engage with the community at large – something which is unique to us as a voluntary organisation. In addition to this, the rise of Podcasting means that media has been democratized, but this is something that is not taught at university or college. We offer students and volunteers the opportunity to gain first knowledge and experience with an active press outlet that is recognised nationwide.

In order to facilitate our goals, we have built an extensive network of contacts within the film, video game, comic, publishing and animation industries. Our volunteers are offered the chance to cover some of the latest titles released by some of the biggest names in the entertainment industries – something that no other voluntary organisation can boast – and we help them to develop their analysis and communication skills.

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After covering Teesside’s first Animé and Manga convention, the two Rob’s – then working on community radio – decided that it would be fun to make this a weekly show. With tongue firmly in cheek, we discuss everything geek including video games, comic books, animation, movies, TV, and anything else cool enough to bridge those divides.

Since our inception in 2010 many people have become involved with The Geek Show and we appreciate everyone who has volunteered their time and effort over the years. That original seed of an idea started a wonderful journey that has brought us over 10 million minutes listened to from people the world over, a network of related shows and solid relationships with video game developers; movie, animé, comic and manga distributors; book publishers; toy companies; merchandisers and conventions across the UK and beyond.

Who knows what the future holds? All we know is that it’s bright.

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