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The Flat-Assassin Giveaway!

This week’s prize giveaway is a bundle of beauties – perfect for decorating your walls with, plus some cool wearable trinkets! You could win: – An Assassin’s Creed 3 art print, #664 of 1000, signed by Lead Games Designer Steven Masters – An art print

Meandering Mic: Tweet RPG

As a sortof-totally-unquestionable segway of our episode on Augmented Reality, we had an interview with Sam Richards, creator, writer and maintainer of Tweet RPG: Twitter’s premier Role Playing system. A year and a half into the project, Sam has created a multitude of scenarios and

S05E16 – MCM Expo October 2012 Special

‘Twas a fine Autumn day when Sir Harry of Bedale – youngest of the Geek Lords – set out on his epic journey to once more conquer Londinium’s MCM Expo. Armed with camera, tea and microphone, he tamed the great Mega Boose and forced the

Meandering Mic: Desert Bus 6

Kathleen De Vere and Graham Stark of LoadingReadyRun were kind enough to take some time out again this year to give us our 3rd Annual Desert Bus Interview. Regular viewers will remember in 2010 we talked to a tired Kathleen before her alotted sleeping time.

Borderlands 2 Giveaway!

As said in our October Expo coverage – the generous folks at 2K Entertainment and Gearbox Software given us a gorgeous basket of Borderlands 2 goodies to share with you fine listeners. We’ve got Top Trumps, Shirts, CL4P-TK toys, the Art & Design book and

Probably the best reading of Star Wars – EVER!

Over the years there have been numerous parodies and re-imaginations of the Star Wars trilogy – the original one that is, not the one that starts with the Jar-Jar love-fest. Robot Chicken, Family Guy, and even the mighty Spaceballs, took the story and made it

Interview: Josie Long

In the cozy and crowded Basement Bar of the City Screen venue in York, I managed to grab 15 minutes of Josie Long’s time to talk about women, cake, Doctor Who, magazines and touring. It was a mad dash to get through a load of

Top Ten Anime 2011

2011 was fairly sparse in terms of quality entertainment, and while there were plenty of shows that were watchable, very few were memorable. That said, the year did have some saving graces, but sadly that only goes to show that the industry is capable of

The Anime Awards 2011

It’s a sad fact that the only creatures the anime industry have been concerned with lately are cows, and like every other business in the world, the goal is to get more milk for their moo. Unfortunately, all they’ve been making is lots of cheese.

Top 10 Films of 2011

  It’s down the final countdown of films in 2011 with this post, in which I count down by 10 favourite films. Once again, I have to stress that this list is made up of films that I enjoyed the most (or as much as