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Bit Panel 23 – Breaking Points and Rage-Quits

What would make you get so angry that you would quit playing a video game, or would tax your patience so much that you hurl your controller at the wall? This week we take a look at a variety of things that would test even

Bit Panel 22 – Five Nights of Crowdfunding

Games have more routes to market than ever before, but are things like Kickstarter becoming little more than an extension of preorder culture? Is Steam’s Greenlight too exploitable? What works best for the consumer and the developer? We may never know, but if anyone is

Bit Panel 21 – Jump Around

The mascot platformer has been notably absent from the gaming market for years. Gone are the days of Crash, Ristar, Zool and so many more, but just because the stars of our childhood aren’t around does it mean the genre is dead? These days Lego

Bit Panel 20 – I’ll Take You All On!

Playing against other people has become an integral part of many video games, but what makes the multiplayer aspect enjoyable, why are so many developers determined to include it in some form, and is it really necessary to have it in order to have fun?

Bit Panel 19 – Rivals

On this week’s episode Dave does news, craig does Craig things and Ben gives us the lowdown on our featured game – the indie rogue-like RPG Rogue Legacy. We also rise up to the challenge of our rivals and finally the end of that particularly

Bit Panel 18 – E3 2015 Special

On this week’s episode we’re focused on one thing only – E3! We discuss the highs and lows from each of the conferences, and offer our own unique perspective on the announcements made during the video game industry’s biggest week of the year. For more

Bit Panel 17 – Before E3

On this week’s episode the rulebook is carefully misplaced in preparation for E3. Join Ben, Dave and Craig as they discuss what they’re currently playing, their favourite games, and their hopes for this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo. For more reviews and discussion, tune into The

Bit Panel 15 – Which Witcher is Watching the Witches

Are you ready to sit down and watch a few people talking about upcoming video games while lots of lights flash and people cheer for every shiny new virtual trophy they can win? Well get ready ,,, to keep waiting because E3 isn’t here yet

Bit Panel 14 – Gotta Go Fast

No matter how fast you can get through a game you can be guaranteed there’s someone out there who is quicker – but what happens when you go so fast that you effectively break the game? On this week’s speedy episode we’re taking a look